Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year Blues

So, that was Christmas. And what have I done? Another year over and this one has, apparently, just begun. Well, to answer your question, not only have I recycled some lyrics to baulk out a blog post, I’ve also saved a little good cheer to open 2016.

Over the past couple of years I’ve been researching and writing about Lindy Delapenha, Portsmouth Football Club’s first black player. Pompey fans might be interested to know that two recent publications carry pieces on Delapenha. First up is Neil Allen’s excellent Played Up Pompey, a beautiful book containing a whole number of interviews with some of the most loved and iconic figures from Pompey’s past. I presume it is available from the normal selection of online retailers, but if you live locally, and you’d prefer not to give your hard-earned cash to the tax-dodging bastards at Amazon, then you can pop into Waterstones in Commercial Road where there’s a whole display dedicated to the book.

Secondly, the lovely folks over at Soccer History have published a piece I’ve written charting Delapenha’s time on the south coast. Some of the article will be familiar to those of you who have read my posts elsewhere on the blog (for example here, here and here), but there’s some new stuff as well – not least some consideration as to why Delapenha faced relatively little racist abuse when in Portsmouth between 1948-50.

And if that’s not enough to whet your appetite Soccer History is chock full of other fascinating pieces, including Fulham FC during the First World War and the rise and fall of women’s football in Bradford at the start of the twentieth century. And all for the princely sum of £5.